A better look of my desk.

A better look of my desk.

Phew! After being a lazy and a disorganized person for almost two months, I finally managed to tidy and clean my desk up.

I managed to do it today myself and it took around two hours to finish. It was started with managing and organizing the messy papers, I classified the papers and put them in a plastic. Fifth semester clearly gave me so many papers that needed to be organized. I then cleaned up the desk from the dust and re-arranged the photo frames and the books into a neat and new look.

Here are how it looks like:


It looks so much tidier now and I am satisfied with the final result. Before this, I could hardly write on my desk, there was not any space available for me. It was full of the papers and books.


The books are now well-arranged and make it easy for me to pick anytime I need to or want to read something, especially when it comes to the college stuff.


I also re-arranged my photo frames which looks so much better now. And I know that it seems cute and like a junior high school girl stuff – having some photo frames on your desk, but I actually love them and I often look at them knowing that I have friends whom I love dearly. Having the photo frames is also good as I can see my self-transformation from a little girl to senior high school girl to a grown up woman just like I am today. Nothing much changes though, I am still wearing glasses and wearing a simple style of jilbab.

So, having your desk cleaned up is really satisfying. Not only you can have a nicer view in your room, you can also have a more productive study – in my case, I absolutely prefer to work in a neat area, I love to work and study on a neat desk and get easily distracted by the messy stuff around me. Now, just like the old times long before extensive reading, I can write; read books; play with my laptop; and sit for nothing in my desk. Furthermore, my mother always loves seeing my desk so clean and tidy. She will come to my room praising how tidy it is which eventually makes me happy too.

Now, go check your own desk and look at it. Is it messy or tidy? 😀


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