We finally reunited after a month long holiday. It has been a while since we went to Dufan together and had so much fun, we finally agreed to meet on campus to do the payment (re: bayar uang semesteran) today.

I planned to go just with Ummi but surprised to know that Akira and Iki would go too. I was even more surprised to find out that Sasya and Inten came and would like to do the payment with us. So, there we were, the six of us! Minus Dila and Mbake.

It was around 11 a.m. when we lined up at the bank’s terrace. The line was extremely long which made us really tired because we had to stand up for an hour or more. But, it was not really bad because we did it together. We, after weeks separated, finally could laugh together again and made fun of people around us – stuff we always do when we get together. It was even more fun and crazy when Inten or what she called herself “Karenina” came. She came late and confidently walked passing the security and did not see us. Luckily, Sasya saw her and called her. It was absolutely hilarious knowing that Inten did not see the long line before her eyes. She then approached us, joined us, and showed us her money which all consisted of the blue 50.000. We got more noisy after Inten came.

We waited and waited until our turn. Iki surprised me by calling me enthusiastically outside the bank. She was in pink (like always) and had a big smile on her face. We did the validation after that, waited Iki at the lobby and ate the food Sasya brought. She brought a lot of food and they were all eaten just in a matter of minutes. Inten took the food like crazy and we had a light chat afterwards. Sasya showed us the newest photos of her baby niece, Azmi. We were busy watching Azmi’s videos when Inten suddenly invited us to pray. We were all like saying “Subhanalloh” and Kira got it sarcastically by saying “tumbenan ngajakin solat”. We all laughed by that bitter response. After having Iki back, we headed to Fatulloh to pray.

We talked about Kira’s newest plan to visit Japan and talked a little bit further about seminars. Around 2 p.m. we decided to have lunch at Hosen’s culinary. We had our seats on the second floor and ordered (after a long consideration of course). We all had es teler and es campur and I had ayam rica rica which turned out to be ayam sambel merah like the one my mom cooks. I enjoyed it though.

Our topic today was mainly about our next semester and the lecturers. Inten told us a few facts and funny stories about us (re: cabulers) from seniors and lecturers. We all laughed listening to her and were surprised at the same time. We chatted about it for more minutes before going home around 3 p.m. After exchanging good byes, I joined Sasya and Inten going to one store nearby to buy some stuff. They bought some essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, and most of all, obat pembasmi serangga. The serangga or specifically the cockroaches were getting more and more at the kosan’s bathroom. Inten and Sasya even called them “anak anak” or which meant their kids since we often called them as husband and wife.

So, that’s it. One fine day with my crazy folks. Today was the most exciting after-payment event I have so far. The previous ones were just ordinary.

And it’s not meet up without taking pictures, right? So, here is one:


Until next time!


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