We are born unique, comparison is not necessary.

We are born unique, comparison is not necessary.

I am inspired by my own experience which finally leads me to write this. The title is quite provoking, huh?

Well, I always believe that we are born unique. Each of us has been given different talents, abilities, competencies, and traits that distinguish us from each other and ultimately makes us unique. Many people, including me, often wish to be like her, like celebrities on TV, like those you read in magazines. We often wish to have exactly the same life as certain people, we are really good at comparing ourselves, at measuring what a happy life is only by looking at someone’s wealth and social status.

It is perfectly normal and humane and I find myself think about it sometimes. But, I realize that comparing ourselves with others does us no good. It makes us ungrateful and unconsciously set a certain criteria in leading our lives.

We compare our scores with our friends’, our lives with others’, our gadgets with others’, and we keep creating these ideas that beauty is about having a nice skin, slim body, beautiful eyes, long hair, etc, and ideas that being rich means that you have a prestigious job, got a car, and buy branded stuff. You, unconsciously create these ideas in your head that finally affect you, affect the way you see things. It is normal though, since our society makes us think so, our society creates those ideas, and we hold to the ideas dearly until now.

That is why many people compete. They don’t really know what they want or what they need or what their goals are yet they keep looking at other people’s lives and keep saying, “I want to be like him or her, I want to do bla bla.” Sometimes, we try really hard to be someone else forgetting that we are unique and we should be proud of our uniqueness.

Viewing these things around me, I am able to change my perspective. I hold the idea that we are born unique – we are all smart and beautiful, we are all good and able to pursue anything we want. We are all unique in our own ways, we may different but our differences are not something we need to be afraid of, they are, in fact, things we should be thank for. You don’t need to compare your journey to others, your scores to others, your life, your appearance, you are special in ways that only you can fathom. You are special even though you don’t have any criteria the society has.

I start to think about this, about the uniqueness I have. I also think about my life and all things I have. I try to be focus on my own life, be thankful, and make it as good as I can. I start to be proud of myself – of the knowledge I know, of the body I dwell in, of the character I have. I start to love myself and my life, I start to see that everyone has different journeys, different careers, different experiences and different paths. We don’t need to have the exact path just because we want to be like certain people. We can make our own paths, we have our own journeys that dont need to be compared.

Let’s have our own standards of living, beauty, and success. Let’s focus on our own journeys and have a strong faith that we are all great in our own ways, we are all happy and successful in our own ways. Let’s live ourlives to the fullest and have a strong faith that we deserve the good things, we are destined to have the good things, and we are meant to live a happy life.

Enjoy your life without the need to compete with others. What is yours will always be yours, you may not have what you consider great for you, you may envy those who have the things you want, but you always can achieve the bigger ones, get the bigger chances, all these as long as you know yourselves and focus on your talents and what you have. You are unique, just be the best version you can possibly be and you will never need to compare again.

*this piece of writing is based on the author’s personal perspectives and her interest in social studies.


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