Favorite Spot at Home.

Favorite Spot at Home.

I love my home and the feeling of being there. My home is neither big nor small, it is a medium size kind of home that is good for thr three of us (my mom, dad, and me).

I love staying at home so much, I don’t really like staying at someone else’s home or travelling a lot. My home has always been my safe haven, my sanctuary, and my favorite place. My room has been my favorite room where I get inspired and do my stuff from doing assignments, sleeping, writing, and more. My favorite spot is clearly my bed. I can do anything, almost any single thing there. I eat on my bed, watching movies, reading books, and just like what I am doing now, writing posts on my blog.

But, once after my parents got rid of our old broken chair in the living room, and got a new big chair instead, I started to have a new favorite spot at home.


The couch is big and really comfortable. My parents place it before the TV, so we can sit comfortably on it while watching TV. There are also some big pillows, as you can see, that are really huggable. I spend my time quite often sitting on the couch reading books or watching TV or even sleeping. My parents also love to sleep there, my dad often falls asleep on the couch while watching TV and my mom has her time booked to watch infotainment every afternoon. She is such a gossip kind of woman who always makes herself updated about the latest issues of celebrities.

The couch or my home, in general, are not that luxurious and big. But, my home obviously has the comfort that I might not find in other places. 


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