Do fun with cabulers.

Do fun with cabulers.

I should have written this a long time ago, but better late than never, right? So, this will be about my fun day with my friends, cabulers.

We had planned to visit dufan long before holiday. Despite the disagreement and the chaos happened in our class, we kept going with just the seven of us – me, dila, mbake, iki, umi, inten, and akira. We went on Tuesday, we chose weekdays for the lower price and less crowded crowd. We also dedicated this quick getaway to entertaining ourselves who just fought for things called exams and extensive reading.

I met Inten as soon as I arrived on campus. Mbake came a few minutes after us and we waited together. Akira came followed by Umi who came around 8.30. There was Iki left, we killed time by chatting and joking around. Inten always had jokes to entertain us. It was almost 9 a.m. when Iki came. She wore pants! She borrowed them from her sister, she also wore a new headscarf. She greeted us with a smile and apologized for being late. We waited a little bit more for the bus.

Once we were in the bus, it was full and we needed to stand for at least two hours. It was my first time experience riding an aptb bus. It was a long trip as well. We got off in Kota and we excitedly asked one police where should we wait for the angkot. We crossed the road, then Inten, all of a sudden, stopped one angkot and we ended up riding it. It was funny knowing that we had crossed the road and passed the same road again, Inten genuinely didn’t understand what we were talking about. She did not know that what she just did was ruined something we planned earlier. Once we arrived at dufan, we met Dila and bought the tickets.

Once we were at the dufan, we couldn’t wait to ride all wahanas. We decided to ride kora kora first. And it was so damn terrifying. I must admit I was a bit scared before riding it and I was so nausea once the wahana kicked off. I sat next to Inten and Iki. We could talk in the first few minutes, but we were quiet in the middle. I closed my eyes for the rest of the ride because I was so scared. Iki and Inten screamed so loud that made me laugh despite my fear. It was funny and fun though.

Dila was so scared of many wahanas. She managed to ride kora kora with us, though she was scared as hell. She was like Umi’s wife during the day haha she sticked with Umi. The next wahana we, or they rode was hysteria. I didn’t join them and talked with Dila instead. We rode quite many wahanas that day. A special bravery award was given to Iki, Mbake, and Umi who were so fuckin’ brave for they rode almost every wahana including something I consider really terrifying, tornado.

I love it when we rode ontang anting, I always love that wahana. I also love when we rode bianglala in where we took selfies despite the high and wind. We laughed and looked around us from above though I was scared a bit. It was also fun when we rode niagara. I rode it with Umi and Iki. And splashed! We were all wet and our bodies were ached a little. The funny things kept happening that day, from teasing Dila saying that “If Dila thinks it’s safe, then it’s safe.” for she was the most scared one; Inten was so happy watching a penguin show which had ourselves shaked on a special chair. She loved the wahana most, she said; it was funny when we rode a small version of roller coaster and Dila happened not join us and was flirted by the operator instead. We surely teased them both and the operator seemed to like Dila very much; It was also funny when I, Dila, Akira, and Inten watched Umi, Mbake, and Iki riding tornado. We laughed at them and shouted at the same time. It was like we were the ones who rode the wahana because we were scared too. Mbake, Umi, and Iki also rode roller coaster. The rest of us just waited at the nearest park and busy watching Joshua, the one who once sang obok-obok, who happened to be there with his family. We were so close and I couldn’t stand laughing at the way Inten looked at him. We were about riding arum jeram when we found out that it wasn’t working that day and was being repaired. That was too bad since we really wanted to ride it. That one wahana was, in fact, the one I wanted to ride the most.

Before going home, we rode one more wahana that was absolutely safe and not terrifying at all – the carrousel or kuda-kudaan. We could relax during the ride and it was almost 6 p.m. when we finished. We then went home feeling happy and exhausted at the same time. And something happened on the way home, we didn’t know how to get out from dufan. We didn’t want to walk of course, so we asked the security who kindly told us which way to go. We followed the direction and got confused again in the middle. We once again asked a man and he showed us the way. We said goodbye to Dila before
crossing the road. We got an angkot pretty easy and soon on our way back home. We talked about how fun it was during our ride in the angkot. And 20 minutes later, we were in the same spot on the way to dufan earlier that day. We got confused, we just followed what we considered the right way to go. We came to the transjakarta bus station and found out that we needed to have or use a card to get on the aptb. Of course we didn’t have the card, so we got out of the bus station. We encountered one not-so-kind man who told us that we couldn’t pass the sign and he told us to wait the bus near a bank which meant we had to take the same route we took earlier. We were so tired and it was evening already. We crossed the road and got confused one more time that Inten needed to ask someone. We were glad and thankful for being helped by a kind man who told us where to wait and showed us where the bus usually ngetem. It happened to be quite close, so we enthusiastically walked towards the bus and yes there it was! We were absolutely thankful and relieved. The bus was still empty, we chose the seats and sat close to one another. We ate our snacks while waiting, we chatted about random things as well. It took two hours at least to get back to Ciputat. Umi slept while I was just looking outside through my window. I love to travel at night and see what Jakarta looks like at night since I rarely go outside especially at night. Umi was so worried because it was late enough to go home, she was afraid too that she wouldn’t find 510 in that kind of time. Umi decided to get off with me and Iki though. I already told her what to do in case she didn’t get the bus. I and Iki accompanied Umi until she got her bus. She really didn’t know the places, she wasn’t familiar with the angkot around it, she was like a lost person that night. Umi clearly needs to find out more about roads and angkot. Once we knew Umi waited safely, I and Iki got on our angkot. It was 9.10 p.m. and I couldn’t believe that I was still in Pasar Jumat that late. I felt safe though because I wasn’t alone. I decided to stay at Iki’s place because it was too late to go home plus she was home alone, so it was perfect. I talked with Iki along the way. We bought some food first before coming home. It was my second time coming to Iki’s house and she was absolutely a good host. We talked about many things, including about a man I loved, we talked until we fell asleep. We fell in a deep sleep maybe because we had a great time that day and we were really exhausted.

I went home around 10 a.m. the day after and I was back to my long holiday at home. That day was incredibly fun no matter how scared I was, no matter how very few wahanas that I and Dila rode, and no matter how confused we were about the directions. We surely enjoyed it and made promise that it wouldn’t be the last. We honestly hoped that Sasya could join us that day because it would
have been so much happier and would have taken more pictures :p


So, until next adventure, folks!


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