#Foodie: martabak telor.

#Foodie: martabak telor.

I am back with my #food writing. In this writing, I am going to share about one food that Indonesians are already familiar with. The food is martabak telor. Well, there are two kinds of martabak – martabak manis in which you use cheese, chocolate, peanuts to make and martabak telor which the main ingredient is eggs.

Martabak telor is usually sold around evening and you can find its sellers quite easily almost in every side of main roads. I am lucky to live in LA which has such a good spot for food sellers to sell their foods and the spot is strategic enough to attract the passerby to buy the foods. The foods are varied from cilok, martabak, nasi bebek, bubur ayam, and sate padang. All is there and you can choose as you wish.

My dad’s favorite food has been martabak telor. Everytime we would like to buy something to eat outside, he will choose martabak. I understand why since martabak is very good. Tonight, my dad brings me a regular box of martabak and I can’t resist the temptation to try it out. I pick one and add a little of its asinan which makes it taste even more delicious.


Looking good, huh? Martabak, once it’s cooked, is cut into small pieces just like the picture above. There are 12 to 16 pieces in a box. So, it’s good to share with your family. And martabak’s price is varied depending on how many eggs used. The more eggs, the expensive will be. But, I personally think that the price is quite affordable. Everyone can enjoy martabak.


And that’s me (you can tell by looking at my fatty cutie fingers, can’t you? :p) taking one piece of martabak. You can see how mouth-watering is that! And what makes martabak so good is the daun bawang used in it. The combination between the eggs and daun bawang is really good and just perfect. The asinan also makes martabak even more delicious like I said earlier. Once you eat your martabak with its asinan, it will leave you with a great taste in your mouth.

This is how I and my family eat it:


We take one to two slices of martabak, put them on a plate, and shower them with its asinan. And voila, martabak is ready to be served. Another way to eat martabak is by eating it without its asinan in which you just take a slice and go directly into your mouth or you can take a slice and give it a little of its asinan then eat it. Martabak is good eaten in any kind of ways.

And here is the asinan, there are chilis,  slices of cucumbers, and onionsand the taste is a little bit sour.


That’s it for today’s #food writing. I can’t wait to share another #food writing on this blog. Until then, folks!

Ps: go get yourselves a box of martabak if you can’t stop staring at those pictures and enjoy!


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