Another “Alhamdulillah ya Rabb” moment.

Another “Alhamdulillah ya Rabb” moment.

I have tons of things to write here, but I need to write each thing done one by one. So, here it is about my awesome feeling a few days ago.

I just got back from buying something when I read a message from my classmate informing that the two scores of Curnal and Writing were out on ais. I was like, “Okay, relax, hope they are good.” I went to my Google Chrome and typed ais immediately. I was so nervous and kept saying something like, “Please good ya Allah.” And that happened in a matter of seconds – I saw my writing score first which was an A and saw my curnal score which gave me another A. And I was like saying Alhamdulillah lots of times. I couldn’t believe in what I just saw. They were perfect, I just hope that I really deserve those scores.

I am also thankful that my other friends also got such good scores. They got Bs and As perhaps. It was just awesome knowing that another hard work has finally paid off. I am surely glad and thankful.

There are two subjects left, translation and grammar 3. I don’t know what takes my lecturers so long to upload our scores. It is even pass the due date, I don’t know when they will upload our scores. I do hope it will be in the nearest time.

So, that’s it. That kind of awesome feeling you get when you know that you earn good scores. Once again, this would not have been happened without Allah’s blessing and my parents’ prayer.


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