Movie timey with DIMMS.

Movie timey with DIMMS.

We were supposed to watch on this Saturday, but something unusual happened on Friday. Shasa came office late, she missed the train and couldn’t get into the next train because it was so crowded. She was like a lost person, she texted me. She ended up staying at Dini’s place until noon.

Shasa’s unfortunate made us change our plan immediately. We decided to watch a movie called The Woman in Black: Angle of Death on Friday instead of Saturday. Miftah was so happy because it was 10k cheaper watching on Friday than weekends. We got our tickets for a 3 p.m. movie. Miftah got a message from her lecturer to come to campus which was eventually cancelled by the lecturer himself along the way.

I came earlier and headed to the nearest bookstore. My friends had not come yet. Around 2.30 p.m. I met Icha at the theater, she got the tickets with her. We both waited at the theater chatting. The next fifteen minutes later, Miftah, Shasa, and Dini came. We greeted each other smiling and laughing. We found Shasa and Dini were very similar that day. Just like twins. We chatted a few more minutes until we got inside the studio. We had our seats on D row which was quite strategic and cozy place to watch such a horror movie. Like many times before, we always made fun of ourselves for being singles and together as a girl group rather than being together with a man just like any other couples we found at the theaters.

Once the movie began, we were seriously watching and stop chatting. I kept joking every now and then, though. The movie was scarier than the first, it did surprise us with its loud and terrifying sound effect. But, the movie was not so scary after all. The idea of the movie was so ordinary, in my opinion. The idea of a child has been possessed by an evil spirit, and the child made everyone around him/her afraid bla bla.

Once we were out, we headed straight to our favorite restaurant. We had a full packet of chickens, rice, and potatoes plus a big bottle of soda for the five of us. We ate and chatted every now and then. We talked a lot about Shasa’s co worker at her office, a man of course. It was funny that we couldn’t stop laughing until our stomachs hurt. It was normal until Dini surprised me that I spilled my drink and it almost hit Icha. We all shouted especially Icha and Dini. Their shouts really attracted other visitors, so they looked at us with such an angry look. We were all embarrassed but couldn’t stand the laugh. We ended up having two cups of ice cream while talking about our saving and traveling plans. We haven’t saved a single penny yet, but Shasa was really eager to browse stuff like hotels or tourism places we would like to visit. So, we talked and ate ice cream for hours. It seemed like we had endless topics to talk about. Time went so fast that we didn’t realize it was almost 7 p.m.

We left the restaurant and headed to Giant. Dini had to do a little survey comparing the noodle’s price between one store to the other. She ended up buying sauce instead of noodles. We finally went home around 7.30 p.m.

Fun fact: Shasa told us about her friend’s job which salary is up to 8 millions per month. Dini then told Shasa to find that kind of job and the money would be saved in our account. I added the joke that Shasa was like a husband and father in our group who worked and earned money in order to fulfill our needs. It was so funny and Shasa was the one whom we teased of that day.

So, that was another movie day with DIMMS. We gotta meet again in February to have our bank accound registered and save our first money together. Ok, until next writing, folks!


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