We nail it!

We nail it!

I am, well, I and my friends are eternally grateful for our Extensive Reading scores. Our hard work has finally paid off, our expectation becomes reality, we get what we fight for.

Extensive reading is not easy. It takes over most of my time including weekends. I have to read every single day especially novels that I have to read every single page. If I look back to my first encounter with Extensive reading early at the fifth semester, I will realize how demanding the subject is.

My reading lecturer has told us many times that this subject is not easy. We should be proud of ourselves if we pass this subject, at least we get B. I am more nervous everytime I hear that. What makes extensive reading hard is not only because the amount of reading materials we have, it is also the requirements we need to fulfill, and the presentations we must do.

1. The materials
We have 10 novels, 10 articles, and 8 textbooks. I love reading novels and I am surprised to find out that the jurusan has a good collection of novels. Reading novels takes much time though because one novel consists of at least 300 pages. I read them, yeah every single one of them. I get dizzy because of it, but keep reading though. Textbooks are quite easy in my opinion. We should not read the whole book yet the requirement really makes us think critically. And articles, these ones are the hardest ones in my view. They are written scientifically, full of researches, and very formal. The language is understandable though, but the contents are very deep. I need to read twice to really grasp what the articles are about. Yeah, it stresses me out sometimes, but I have no choice.

2. The presentations

I have two major presentations during ext (re: extensive reading). Those presentations are considered as our final exams which makes us very nervous. The presentations are tough. I mean, imagine you have to remember or memorize many different summaries and you must be ready for any title given to you. And yes, by Allah’s help, I manage to do the presentations quite well. I can’t forget the feeling I feel during the presentations and the pressure I get while preparing for them.

3. The deadline

Reading has been a pleasure for me until the deadline comes. Ext might be fun without the deadline. We have to submit whether reviews, summaries, or essays every week. Yeah, we need to read extra fast but understand what we read at the same time. The deadline really gives us pressure because ext is not the only subject we study in this semester. We also have other deadlines  for other subjects. The deadline truly makes me awake until 1 a.m. It’s funny how I and my friends really struggle to finish every report that we need to stay awake until morning.

Ext is clearly something I am gonna miss. I remember when I was at the first semester, I heard from seniors how difficult ext was. I and my friends have been terrified of it but cannot wait to experience it at the same time. I also remember the first day of the fifth semester, I thought that I and my friends couldn’t hang out as much as we did when we were at the fifth to four semesters. I imagine that we would be busy reading all the time. And yes, we were busy reading but we managed to stay together too. Iki is the most diligent one – she is the one who reads the novels when we at the kosan.
Ext also gives me such a wisdom of being a pj. How I have to wait, I have to patiently deal with my classmates, and how I find Iki who really helps me along the way. I thank others as well who accompany me waiting for the reports. It is easier with them. Being a pj gives me such pressure I don’t know before. It’s not only reading itself that stresses me out, but also my responsibility of being a pj. I am glad my job has done.
Ext gives me very useful knowledge. It has improved my reading skill, enriched my vocabulary, and sharpen my critical and reasoning skill. The requirements make me think critically and support my opinions logically. Ext has given me such an important lesson that will last forever. I am eternally grateful for having a great lecturer like my ext lecturer.
Ext also gives me something I can’t forget my whole life. It gives me some slepless nights, it makes me sleepy, it makes me really tired, it makes me wake up in the middle of the night reading or typing the reports, it makes me come earlier to campus to stay at fatulloh and memorizing, it makes me anxious, it makes me sensitive, it makes me crazy as well. There are many times when I feel like I want to give up, I don’t want to read anymore, I don’t want to finish this novel, I don’t want to submit this essay because I don’t understand. There are many times when I want to sleep, to take a good nap, to neglect those novels, to abandon those articles, and to watch TV instead of reading. Ext is really something.

At the end, it’s not the suffering I remember most, it’s the beauty behind it. The help, the process, the discipline, the power to beat my own laziness, the deal between me and my friends, the tolerance, the patience, the contribution, the effort, the motivation, the true example, the honesty, the anxious moment we share,  the fondness of reading we build, and the scores we get. I always believe that we deserve something we fight for, yes, we deserve the scores.

One tough subject has been done, the subject I have been worried about, the subject that is very important for my career later on.

Finally, I thank Allah and my parents for this personal achievement. I am nothing without Allah’s help, I could not have done this without Allah and how He makes the process easy and smooth. I also thank my parents for their endless support and how they let me read instead of doing the chores. This happens because of the collected effort and contribution around me.

Alhamdulillah, we nail it!


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