Another day with DIMMS.

Another day with DIMMS.

Friendship is about making time for each other no matter how busy you are, and yep we made our time together last Saturday and it was so great.

It was Miftah’s turn to treat us for she turned 20 last week. She had planned to treat us Ramen Noodle since a long time, and we had agreee on it too. But it was not what happened when we met. I came earlier and met Shasa and Icha short after. Miftah and Dini came a few minutes later and they waited near Mujigae Restaurant instead of Ramen Noodle Restaurant like we planned before. It was funny because Miftah, the one who treated us that day, was confused and let us choose where we would like to eat. I personally agreed on eating at any restaurants, I gave it to Miftah. But, Shasa and Icha really wanted to eat at Mujigae, and Miftah agreed on that.

We had to wait several minutes before finally got our place. It was my second time eating at the restaurant. Like my first chance, the restaurant’s ambiance never fails to attract its visitors back. I had fried rice with melted cheese and strawberry yakult that day. The cheese was so good, and I was full just after taking a few spoons. We ate, talked, and laughed – the three things we always love to do. When we were eating, Shasa told us the newest plan in our group – we would like to have our own account in which we will save our money together to travel. Such a great plan! I did support it although I had to save more money. It was a really good plan because I had always wanted to travel especially with my best friends. Dini also said that we needed to travel before the age of 25, and I could not agree more.

After eating, we walked around the mall, just did a window-shopping. We eventually stopped at the food court, and opened what Dini brought – a bowl of fried potatoes and sausages. It was what Indonesians called bekel. It was our ultimate joke that day. We ate the fried potatoes though while we were chatting. During our chit chat, Icha told us a very interesting topic – it was a dating website she had recently visited. She told us about it very enthusiastically. She acted like an expert in the dating field. We listened to her attentively, and we all agreed to give it a try. It was not like we were desperate or something, we did it for fun. Icha was absolutely the pioneer for she had registered and she had got the match!!! She was super excited about it cause her eyes shone and her smile was so big 😀

We promised to visit the website right after we got home. Before going home, we stopped at Giant to shop. Well, it was Shasa who needed to shop the most cause her mother asked her so. The most needed items were minyak and sunlight. We explored the store, and during our shopping, we kept talking about having our own apartment or place in where we could stay together and did everything we wanted. It sounded really fun! We saw stacks of carpets and kept saying, “Let’s buy one of those and put on our apartment.” It was really a wishful thinking but something we really expected.

After doing the shopping, we went home, but we headed to the coupon counter first. Icha was the one who really passionate about it. We started calling her “Ratu Kupon” or the queen of coupons. Then yep, we went home. Shasa had me help her with her groceries because it was quite heavy to bring by herself. On our way home, we were still talking about the website Icha told us earlier. We were like impatient to check the website out, and got ourselves registered. Shasa kept telling us that her motivation was to get a partner for her graduation this year. And the day ended with us exchanging goodbyes and thank yous. It was such a fine day.

Here are some pictures I took that day, DIMMS really needs a tongsis to take five of us in one frame.



And here is the famous fried potatoes with its sauce! Dini clearly prepared it well :))


*the picture was taken from our official Instagram account (just like any other famous girlbands). The account is really about us. Follow us if you are interested 😀

So, that is all what I can share. We really had a good time, and looking forward to having another fine and joyful day!


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