A new experience.

A new experience.

Wohooo, I am always up for new things and experiences, and eating cereal is one of them. It is not common for Indonesians to eat cereal for their breakfast. They prefer something more heavy like rice, Indonesians have what is called nasi uduk as their favorite breakfast menu. Just the opposite, it is very common for Americans or Western people to have cereal for their breakfast. Cereal is actually good and very nutritious. It makes you full for hours too.

Cause I have been greatly influenced by Western movies during this holiday, I decided to buy a pack of cereal last week and have had it a couple of days. Eating cereal is absolutely a new thing for me and I am very excited about it. Just acting like an American teenage girl who has a bowl of cereal every morning haha cereal is also good for your health. So, you must give it a try.

There are many kinds of cereals available at your nearest food stores. The most famous one and the delicious one as well is koko krunch. It is a chocolate cereal made from wheat, so it must be very healthy for you and you are not eating cereal without milk. So, pour the cereal into a bowl and add some milk to it. Here are how it is done:


Prepare a glass of milk, a bowl of cereal, and a spoon. Then pour just a half of the milk into the cereal.

And voila! Your cereal is ready to be enjoyed. It’s very simple, isn’t it?

And I am about to enjoy my cereal. Go enjoy yours and have a good day folks!!


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