That kind of girl.

That kind of girl.

Hi, I am a kind of girl who loves chatting with you. I am really that kind of girl who stays near her phone, who replies your message fast, who rarely leaves you message read only. I mean it, I am that kind of girl and I do that to my girl friends or boy friends. It just happens naturally, it is something I cannot resist.
I don’t know what other people like, but I do like chatting. I think it is fun to chat with someone no matter how random the topic is, to chat until midnight and talk about any weird stuff that we can think of.

I always imagine, I have Dir’s number and he has mine. And we will chat over whatsapp or bbm all day long, he will text me first and I will reply as fast as I can; I will wait for his reply enthusiastically; I will reply carefully so I don’t get typo; I will be thrilled to read his replies and so on. How amazing will that be? Chatting with someone you love. I know it has been 11 years, but the only guy I expect to chat with is still Dir, the one I would love to write a letter to as well. Ah, I love him.

That is what I love about chatting – you can talk with someone no matter how far you are, you know what they do and what they think of. I cannot imagine if I chat with Dir someday, I mean, chatting with my friends has made me happy and made me like a crazy person waiting for their replies. Imagine if I chat with him, someone I truly love! I can wait for hours or even days just to get his replies. I am willing to wait for weeks just to be able to chat with him.

And that’s it. I am that kind of girl who holds her phone 24 hours a day chatting with her friends. She will reply your messages really fast, she is excited about the convos, and no matter how busy she is, she is thrilled to read and reply your messages. Yes, she is. Yes, that’s me!

So, I am still waiting to the day when I finally have his number and the day we finally chat over social media! That would be incredibly awesome! I can jump back and forth waiting for his reply. One day, I wish that would happen.


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