My favorite actresses.

My favorite actresses.

Hi, what’s up? Been busy watching movies on my laptop and feelin’ like writing about them here on my blog. So, let’s start!

I have recently watched a movie called The Black Swan, I found out later on on Wikipedia that the movie is a kind of American horror movie. No wonder I was kinda scared when I watched the movie. The movie is good though. What I love about the movie aside from its extraordinary story which deals with a ballet dancer’s life and what really happens behind a great show is the movie’s main actress, Natalie Portman. She acts very well and 100 percent, the movie and the character she plays actually brings her to her prestigious Oscard Award for the best actress. How cool is that? Her hard work during the film is absolutely paid off. She deserves it especially when we look at the movie and how she has to work hard physically and emotionally. She is really  a professional.

Another movie that I have watched recently is The Amazing Spiderman. I have heard about this movie pretty much a lot about few months ago especially during the first few weeks after its first release. The movie gets many positive comments and gets its loyal fans right away. The main attraction, I personally think, is the new actor Andrew Garfield. Gosh, he is cute and hot and cool and weird! Instead of the old Spiderman, Tobey Mcguire, this movie has Andrew to be the famous Peter Parker. It is such a fresh way since Tobey has been in Spiderman series from the beginning and it is kinda boring to see him again and again. Another famous actress in this movie is Emma Stone who plays as Gwen Stacy – well, I personally really like the name. It is feminine and catchy, it just suits a girl really well. I am glad the company picks Emma to be Gwen because she is cute. So, this movie offers us a new yet sweet couple. The previous one – Peter and MJ is just perfect, but Peter and Gwen is so much more perfect. The stories, both in The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 are not so different from those in the Spiderman 1, 2, 3. It really is the couple that attract me the most. I find out that Emma and Andrew fell in love during filming this movie. The paparazzi starts to photograph them holding hands, hugging, and kissing which is definitely cute! I am just so happy that they are a couple in real life. I also find out Emma Stone is such a good artist. Another movie that she plays is called Easy A, the movie is hilarious and it focuses on Emma as a teenage girl and her problems. I fall in love with Emma right away – I love her accent, the way she speaks which is so sexy and annoying and fast at the same time, the way she laughs. She suits the role really well, but my favorite role of her is still Gwen Stacy.

So, Natalie Portman and Emma Stone are absolutely two of my favorites. I love watching them and hearing them speak. Ah, American actresses are the best! Will be writing this kind of post more in the future!

Ps: I really love Gwen Stacy, I even had this random and weird idea that I would like to name my baby daughter Gwen because it is catchy and cute. Then I realized how crazy that idea was! I mean, just be realistic, I live in Indonesia and I am truly Indonesian, how can I give my daughter name like Gwen? Haha I should marry an American to do so.

Until next time!


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