It’s funny. Isn’t it?

It’s funny. Isn’t it?

It’s funny when you are in love – you start thinking about him, you think about him day and night, you wonder what he is doing right now. It’s funny when you realize that he is not even yours. He is just someone you like.

It’s funny how you imagine your life with him, it’s funny that you imagine he is in your future, or he is the one you will call “husband” and the one your children will call “daddy.”

It’s funny how his name really suits you, how happy you are thinking about putting his name after yours and proudly call yourself Mrs….

Love is funny, I always find it that way. Love is also powerful – love can motivate you or devastate you. You can change yourself into a better or worse for someone you love. You even want to sacrifice and do anything when it comes to love. Love can bring you good as well as bad, love can heal or break you, love can help or bring you down.

I don’t know so much about love, I just think that this kind of feeling and emotion is something unique, something that is interesting enough to discover. Love cannot be learned, of course, it only can be felt. Love is something I admire and people who are in love are one of my inspirations in writing.

Love is funny, I can laugh because of it, I also can cry at the same time. Love can hurt as well, but we as humans, never stop falling in love. We are hurt so many times, we have our hearts broken hundredth of times, we find ourselves crying before beds, yet we still believe in it and we still find it as one of the most beautiful things that life can offer.


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