Too many theories?

Too many theories?

I am in the middle of studying for finals when I write this. And this note will be about my thoughts related to teaching-learning culture in my country.

This is only my personal thoughts and opinions. I personally think that this country’s educational system puts to much emphasize on the theoretical things rather than the practical things. It is fine, actually, not until finals like this. Students have to remember many things, many of them also need to be memorized. It gives so much pressure on students and it burdens them.

I am not criticizing here, what I am trying to say is, educational system should emphasize on both theory and practice. Students need to be trained, they also need to be given enough time to practice what they know and apply what they have been taught. Workfields are not all about theories, students need to train their skills to work in any fields.

As a teaching department student, I am strongly disappointed with the system which provides very little access or time to practice our teaching skill. Teaching is not easy, and it can be done only by doing where theories and practice meet. This happens also to one subject which talks about methods and techniques in teaching. The book is very complete and it is, indeed, filled with various techniques in teaching English. My concern is, we have been taught the theories, but we never try to, at least, demonstrate one technique from the book. We experience nothing. That is what I am disappointed with.


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