A bowl of instant noodle never fails to satisfy me.

A bowl of instant noodle never fails to satisfy me.

The title is pretty long, I know, but that is very true!!! I had eaten a bowl of instant noodle a few minutes ago, and I would like to post about it here. Let’s start.

Making a bowl of instant noodle is very easy, almost all grown-up people can make it. All you need is a bowl of water, and a pack of instant noodle, other things like eggs, vegetables, sausages are optional. You can also add some sauce if you like a spicy noodle.


That is an overall presentation of the noodle I made. As you can see, I have an egg there, seems very delicious and the yolk is so mouth-watering. Fyi, I am a big fan of eggs, especially the yolks :p I never want to share my yolk to anyone, never!


You can see the egg very clearly, the yolk is like saying, “Eat me, eat me,” and I use a fork when I eat noodles, but rarely a chopstick, it just never suits me well. Eating noodles by using a fork is perfect – you can curl the noodle up and then put it into your mouth. Hmmm delish!


And I love sipping to the noodle’s water or kuah. Indonesians love doing that. I can feel the seasons which taste really good. The water is also can warm you – that is why many Indonesians make a bowl of instant noodle when it is raining or cold outside. A bowl of noodle is just perfect for that kind of situation.


And yep! The noodle was about to come into my mouth! Make sure you cook the noodle well – not overcooked or undercooked. A well-cooked noodle tastes really good, you seem cannot get over it. Haha am I exaggerating?

So, go grab your pack of instant noodle, make your own, and enjoy!


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