Ready and action!

Ready and action!

Last Wednesday was a busy day for me and my friends, Umi and Sasya. Just after we finished our mot class, we immediately found one empty class to do our recording. After having the empty class, we got started. Umi prepared her laptop, I took my flashdisk, and Sasya prepared her phone. We got everything ready. We made ourselves acted like a reporter that day. We practiced reading the scripts in front of us and tried to look good in front of the camera.

Sasya was like our director. She recorded me and Ummi. I could say that we were pretty nervous, but we managed to finish our recordings. I was glad that we knew exactly what our concept was, we all agreed with that, and we could work together to make it happen. The recording session was pretty funny too. I and Ummi had to re-record several times, luckily, Sasya was very patient. Mbake and Iki were there too, they watched us, and added more silliness during the recording.

Dila came around 12.10 p.m. She asked me and Ummi lots of questions before she got her turn to do the recording. I knew that it was simply because she was both excited and nervous. Ummi was the director for Dila, and just like us, Dila got to re-record a few times. I was in front of the laptop and paid attention to the script. Dila did it well and we were done pretty quick.

Around 2 p.m. I and Ummi were really hungry. We ate lunch together and bought cimol and kentang after that. During our lunch, we talked about foods a lot. I recommended Es Podeng – read my post about es podeng here and tahu goreng near Fatulloh. Ummi made a promise to buy them on Friday. She was such a foodie.

We went back to our campus then to do the rest of our recording. We worked and ate the cimol and chatted as well. That was fun. One funny thing happened when we were working, so we were working in a classroom, it was empty of course. And Mr. janitor came with his broom and just cleaned the classroom. It was like, “Go get out from this class cause I am going to do my job.” I and Ummi left the classroom laughing. The janitor was funny. After finishing our recording stuff, we went to the main library – I accompanied Ummi to return a book. We went home respectively after that.

Well, I am grateful that our speaking task was almost done that day. We also had a great time working on it. I hope that the result will be satisfying.


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