A special treat and another photo box.

A special treat and another photo box.


So, last Saturday was a special day for me and my fellow dimms. I and Shasa were finally able to treat Icha, Dini, and Miftah at a new restaurant – Mujigae. We arranged a meeting at 2 p.m. but ended up at 3 p.m. I came earlier, and to kill the boredom, I did a window-shopping and checked out my favorite bookstore. At 3 p.m. I met them in front of the restaurant. Dini had not come yet. We decided to go in first and chose a table around the corner.

That was my first experience eating at Mujigae. The decoration was good, the place and its ambiance were cozy, the foods were very delicious and the price was affordable. We had a great time.

Mujigae, according what I read on the menu, is a Korean word means rainbow or pelangi. That is why its decoration is colorful. The reason we chose Mujigae was mainly because my friends love Korean boybands so much, they are also interested in Korean culture, so Mujigae was a right place to go. As I told you earlier, the foods were delicious. I had a hard time choosing what I would like to eat, I ended up ordering a bowl of bibimbap Icha and Miftah had a packet consisted of rice, beef, and so on while Shasa and Dini had ramyun. The drinks were also good, and lucky for me, the glasses were so big. I had enough drink that day.

After having our special lunch, we decided to take another photo box together. It had been a while since the last time we took a photo box together. Here are some photos we took last week,



The results were not really bad, huh? That day, we really had a great time. I and Shasa were finally able to fulfill our promise to treat them. Before going home, we made a plan to spend the new year eve together at Dini’s house. We planned to stay over and watch movies. We even planned to have our own projector to watch the movies. Haha it was such a silly yet good idea. We did wish we could have it, but the price did not let us. It was too expensive.

Finally, we went home respectively. I am sure we really enjoyed that day.


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