Enjoying Es Podeng.

Enjoying Es Podeng.


I enjoyed a glass of es podeng with Iki today. Es Podeng is a special beverage from Indonesia. It has some jellies at the bottom of the glass, ketan item, some slices of avocado, some slices of bread, the ice, and it is sprinkled with meses and peanuts. It costs Rp. 7000 per glass. I bought the ice last Friday with Iki. We seemed cannot get over the deliciousness of the ice, so we bought another glass again today. It tasted really good, every spoon was incredibly tasty. We talked and enjoyed the ice on our way home, and that was pretty exciting.

Well, Es Podeng is one of jajanan near my campus. There are many food sellers have their stalls near my campus. The place is very strategic since many students go back and forth and they will be interested in buying those jajanan. The foods are varied from mie ayam, cilok, es podeng, risol, and many more. Your hunger will be satisfied by the foods.

So, that was for #todaysculinary. I will write more posts like this because I have been really interested in food or beauty blogging lately and this is mainly inspired by other bloggers. This is kinda fun and most of all, it is one of my ways to be more creative and ultimately practice my writing skill.



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