What a mess!

What a mess!


No, it is not a pile of trash. It is a pile of my presentation papers during this hard semester. The papers are varied from Curnal to TEFL. I do not have much time to tidy those papers up, so I let them be messy just like that.

And I enjoyed the negative effect just now – I was looking for one of my Morphology papers since I will be having my final tomorrow when I found my desk like that. A very messy desk! I ended up looking for the papers and checking all of them yet I could not find what I was looking for. Promising myself to tidy up later (aha! What a procrastinator!)

Talking about a messy desk, well, this is the first time for me. I have been being a very neat person for the whole semesters (1-4 I mean), but this semester is totally different. Extensive Reading takes my attention, I have to read almost every day. My weekends are also dedicated to read, other things, such as cleaning up is not my priority. That is why my desk is like a mess, I put all papers on my desk and never arrange them in a neat way. Nothing bad happens, luckily. This messy papers will be the top on my things-to-do list during the next holiday. Phew! It has been an exhausting semester, I am glad it is almost over yet very nervous at the same time. Wishing a very good result at the end.

*ps: Mila is continuing her study now. BYE!!


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