Lookin’ for the “young” me.

Lookin’ for the “young” me.

There is moment when I look back to the past, when I look for a little girl with so much joy on her face.

There is moment when I look back and say, “That day was awesome,” and I realize I am not in the past anymore.

Being a 20-year-old woman is absolutely not easy for me. I am thankful of course, just a bit whining ha!

This whining-thing is probably because I miss being a little girl again – a little creature with a big smile on her face, walking around like a boss, singing along like no one listens, and doing anything she likes without concerns.

I kinda miss my childhood, my young version of me. I know this sort of a wishful thinking, but still, this is what I am thinking of right now. Being a little girl and living my life with such a strong passion and spirit.

Lookin’ back, I was a happy little girl back then. I used to play in my backyard, playing with sands and covering my body full of dirts. I was very cheerful back then. The only problem I got was whether to share my dolls or not. I would have my mom feed me, my dad play with me, and my aunties take care of me. I was like a queen. I was treated very dearly.

Lookin’ back, it feels good to remember those lovely days. I need to reminisce some time because I am too hookep up in the daily routine.

Well, that is all.


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