Academic writing.

Academic writing.

Well, I have been thinking about my assignments lately. The essay assignments I have to submit around two weeks again. I love writing, but it has been fictional or a kind of diary writing. My main goal is to practice my English writing after all. But, as I am doing my assignments, I also think about academic writing that is very essential for undergraduates, students, scholars and more.

Academic writing, as far as I know, is a piece of writing consists of a good grammar, high validity, credible sources, and it is credible. Academic writing can be hard, but I believe if I practice more often, it will be easier for me. I think the most difficult thing in academic writing is finding the credible sources. The Internet has been being one of the most useful media to find information. Any kind of information can be easily accessed. Even so, the credibilty of the information is low. The citations cannot be traced, the opinions are not strongly supported.

Books, I think, are the most credible ones. They are the best references that we can use in our writing. I thank my lecturer for the assignments, even those are difficult, I am motivated to write more academically because of them. I believe I must get used to academic writing as early as possible, specifically in English, since I will write skripsi later on.

I realize that when we speak and write, it is better to support our opinions and arguments with the credible sources. Therefore, listeners and readers will believe us and they can be convinced. It is not good to write without credible sources. We have to work hard to find the credible sources to support our arguments in our writing. And the process of finding the credible sources takes time and energy. But it is worth to do because once you get all sources you need, you can choose which sources you would like to write then combine one source after another.

The process of finding the credible sources  is important because we need something to support our arguments. We can write our opinions, but if they are not supported by the credible sources, they will be weak opinions and low credibility opinions.

So, happy writing and good luck!


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