A fine day filled with laughter.

A fine day filled with laughter.

Last Thursday was very interesting for me and my fellow classmates. Some of my classmates who have not presented their reviews yet were very nervous. After collecting our article essays to Mbake, we went to our classroom and waited there.

It was almost 1.30 p.m. but our lecturer has not come yet. We kept waiting. Tired of waiting, Inten and some others invented a silly game – two people pulled someone and she had to jongkok and let herself be pulled. Umi was the first and it was funny. We tried to pull some more until most of us were afraid of being chosen. Then we made a deal – those who stood up would be pulled. So, we sat down, Inten was so afraid and protected herself between two chairs. The funny part was when Iyan and Syara came, our suspicious faces made them afraid. We managed to pull Iyan though. It was absolutely funny, there were only girls in the classroom and we played such a silly game. Felt like elementary students, but no one cared.

Around 2 o.clock, our reading lecturer came and she explained a few things before she called up some names to present the reviews or summaries. I was nervous too although I have presented my tasks. I was sure my friends were more nervous. My reading lecturer finally chose 5 people for that day’s presentation. The funny part was when Umi and Iki had to decide who would present that day. Their scores were pretty much the same. Iki was the one who won at the end.

The presentation went well, they presented the textbook summaries and the audience made questions for them. Luckily, I had a question for Iki and got a chance to ask. The presenters were relieved. There were four more for the next week’s presentation.  I wished them a very good luck!

Around 4.30 we were done and got ready to go home. We walked together until the park area. We, once again, did something silly. We found out that Kira would be picked up by a man. Then, we waited for the man, we stood up neatly together like a group of ibu ibu pengajian and when the man came, Inten who was very excited got closer and flirted with him. The rest of us yelled cie cie to Kira and followed them to the main gate. It was incredibly funny. Inten and Umi were the craziest ones, they walked really close to the man and Kira. They did not give up although be ignored several times.

That day, Umi said that we were pretty much kompak. I could see it too. In the park area, I could see how each of us laughed each other and were very close. I also remembered that we had the dress code the other day before to show how close we were as classmates. Well, I had known it since the beginning and I was so thankful that it got stronger year by year.


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