A Dress code, Mockingjay, and Interview.

A Dress code, Mockingjay, and Interview.

Wohoooo, I am thrilled to share what I had yesterday. It was totally fun! Let me start!

The first awesome thing was I and my fellow classmates wore the same color of clothes and headresses. It was like a dress code and the idea was from Sasya. We were excited since we wanted to show off our kekompakan at the seminar that day. And we were right – in our Grammar class, just when I, Sasya and Inten entered the classroom, our juniors stared at us and smiled. Our boy friends also smiled and Andi even took a picture of us. Moreover, our Grammar lecturer noticed and we happily explained the dress code. During the seminar, we became the attention center. I and other of my friends sat close to one another, I could say that was the power of red. The seminar was boring though. I just did not catch what the speaker explained. After the seminar was over, we took some pictures and then went home. We were pretty happy that our public speaking class was off.

The second awesome thing was watching Mockingjay. Wohooo! I have been waiting for this movie and when it was out at the first December, I was overexcited. I had planned to watch it with my friends before, but was postponed again and again. I started to be impatient. Therefore, I went to Margo and watched it by myself. It was kind of awkward at first, but I enjoyed it very much later on. Watching movies has been one of hobbies, I am such a movie freak. I absolutely did not mind to watch movies alone. The theater was not so full since it was weekday, I came 15 minutes late but could keep up with the movie. It was about 2 hours long and once I was out of the theater, I was happy because the movie was good and satisfying. The effects used were incredible and the acts were great. I bought myself a cup of ice cream then did a window shopping at a bookstore. The ice cream tasted good, I was like a child that day – walking around with a cup of ice cream in my hand. It was totally awesome and fun. I might watch movies alone again in the future.

The last awesome thing happened yesterday was being interviewed by one male student for his skripsi. I was walking to my house when he called me with, “mbak…mbak…mbak” I did not want to respond at first, but he kept calling me and I pitied him. Well, I turned to him smiling and started to give what he needed. I found out that he was a university student at one famous university in Depok, West Java. He asked me several questions, asked my opinions and more. I gave him what he asked and it was pretty fun. I always love to be interviewed because I love to speak and share what I think. After the interview, he said thanks and said goodbye. I wished him success and frankly, I did expect something to be given, but I got nothing. All right, it did not matter.

Those three things were very awesome, and that day was a well-spent day. It was like a short getaway for me from the routines. You know, balancing between academic and the fun stuff. I promised myself I would do it more. And what I learned is having “me time” is important. Sometimes, we do not have to be wirh our friends all the time. I wanted to watch with dimms but they could not. I got no one to watch with. I ended up watching the movie alone. Moreover, it goes with many things in life, like getting experiences. We have to look for them alone, we must be initiative and get information ourselves. Sometimes, being in a group does not take you anywhere. You have to stand for your own dreams and interests and fight. Besides, for me, I am still young and I want to enjoy my life. Wohoooo! Life is, indeed, to be enjoyed. Cheers!


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