The two presentations done!

The two presentations done!

I am still doing the famous extensive reading and I have just done my article essay just now. There are a few things related to extensive reading that I would like to share here. Let us start!

First of all, I have done the two presentations in extensive reading program. The first was my novel presentation and the second one which is a week ago was my textbook presentation. The presentations went pretty well, I suppose. I am really thankful that Allah made it easy for me and my friends. I am really happy as well because my lecturer chose my favorite textbook to present. Although, the preparation did not take very long, I managed to prepare the script, memorized it and finally presented it. I was thrilled when my reading lecturer said the title. I hope the results will be good. After presenting the textbook, I and my other friends thanked Allah knowing that the battle was almost finished. The final exams were finished! Though we still have a long way to go.

Second, my job as the novel review pj was done. I still remember when my friends pointed me to be the pj. I was hesitate at first knowing that fifth semester would be hard and I was choosen to become the pj and took care of our novel reviews. Still, I said yes. The process of being a pj was not easy of course. I had to sacrifice a few things, had to have extra patience and show some integrity. I also had to keep all the pain and tears by myself. I am happy it has finished now. Being the pj also trained me to become a better person, more patient, more tolerant, a firmer person and more. The position, furthermore, made me become more diligent since I had to make sure my works done before asking for others’. But I am truly happy that there were some of my friends who helped me during those days. Iki, was the most helpful one. She was there accompanying me, listened to me and made sure I took care everything well. She was the one who appreciated me most. An appreciation does make me feel happy.

Third, reading novels becomes my habit. Two days or a few days ago, I found it weird not to hold a novel or read one. I was waiting for a bus when I realized that I did not hold any books. I felt there was something missing because the previous days and weeks, I always had a novel on my laps and carried it anywhere. Now, the reading materials left are articles and textbooks. Indeed, a long way to go.

So, today’s writing is still about the famous extensive reading. I do not write  to complain, in fact, I write to share how thankful and amazed I am for and by the extensive reading.


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