Visiting Kira’s house.

Visiting Kira’s house.

Last Saturday, I got a very sad news. Kira’s father has passed away. He was sick before and taken care at the hospital. I and my friends never thought that he would die, we wished a very speedy recovery for him, but Allah has another plan.

Last Saturday morning was a gloomy day for all of us. Our group on WA has already filled with condolences and other empathetic words. We were sad as much as Kira. I and a few cabulers immediately made a plan to visit Kira’s house in Bogor. We met at Fathulloh and set off around noon.

We rode three different public minivans. It was quite far, luckily the road was not as crowded as usual since it was weekend. We enjoyed the short trip though I had to read a few pages of my novel along the way. We arrived at the complex around 3 p.m. and had to wait around 30 minutes to get the public minivan to Kira’s house. Bored of waiting, Sasya and I took a selfie. The next few minutes, we were at Kira’s house.

Kira was not at home. We were greeted by her kind family. The kindest one was a man in his 30s or 40s probably Kira’s uncle. He was so kind that he talked about any random topics to us – from English to poligami. It was hard not to laugh. Ummi and I were very amazed by him and the topic. We laughed so hard. We regretted it later on since it was not appropriate.

Kira was fine, hopefully. She greeted us warmly as usual. She laughed and we talked about college and stuff. About an hour later, her mother came and we hugged each other. Her mother was a strong woman, I suppose. She looked fine and kindly said thanks for our visit. It was not long until Uli and her boyfie came. We were happy knowing that we would have a free lift back home.

Another funny thing aside from Kira’s uncle and his poligami interest, we got a very kind driver who reminded us of our senior. We rode his public minivan on the way to Kira’s house, he offered us the lift on the way back. Syara got his phone number. Then, when we cancelled the plan, I texted him and he replied. We bursted into laughter.

On our way back home, we were sleepy and tired. Mbake was still energic and did some random moves along the way.  We arrived at Fathulloh around 6.30 p.m. Thanks to Uli and her bf for the lift.


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