If you..

If you..

If you do not care, why should I? If you do not try, why should I help? If you keep making excuses, then how can you grow?

If you are lazy to learn and practice yourself, then how can you expect someone else will help you? If you are lazy to discover yourself, to put yourself in the process, then how can you be like those smart people?

If you keep counting on others, keep asking without trying to learn it first, then how can you learn and become independent?

Humans are more clever, compared to animals, but humans can be very stupid at times. They won’t learn, won’t read, won’t discuss. They heard many times, wrote many times, and watched many times about motivational quotes from wise men and women on TV or seminar, yet they cannot take the lessons, they never apply what they wrote. Humans are good at promising, “I will practice hard, I will change” yet it only lasts for 10 minutes. They cannot keep and apply what they had promised.

It is funny how someone can be very motivated in a day then very idle in the next day. It is funny how low their motivation.
It is also funny when someone says he or she wants to be good at something yet does very little effort about it.
It is funny how often we get good advice, read inspiring quotes, attend motivational seminars, yet we are still the old version of ourselves. There is not a change. I can conclude then that those advice, quotes, and seminars are useless or we, who are too ignorant to change.

This writing is dedicated to myself, to my lazy self and my ignorant self. My lecturer has said, “If you do not care, why should I? As simple as that.” she is right then.

We need to understand that people won’t help us unless we help ourselves first. We must make the effort, we must discover and learn. We can ask for help and I believe there will always people who are delighted to help us, but we must have some preparation.
I always believe this line, “Many wise men may open the doors for you, but you have to enter yourself.” People may give us chances, teach us lessons, but it is ourselves who can make them meaningful or not.


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