Extensive Reading, my new life.

Extensive Reading, my new life.

I have been doing the famous extensive reading for a month and it has been taking over most of my life. I spend most of my time reading, it can be reading novels, textbooks or articles. I must admit that the materials are tough, but they make me think critically. I believe that extensive reading will give me many benefits at the end, that is why I must succeed in it.

Extensive reading euphoria

Instead of extensive reading virus or pressure, I choose euphoria to give a positive and optimistic message. During extensive, I have seen many of my friends carry their novels or textbooks around, they sit and read quietly. I myself do the same thing too, I and Iki even read novels in angkot on our way home. It is quite funny and unusual to read along the way, it is not once when other passengers look at us thinking how diligent we are. Another funny thing is when we enthusiastically come to the EED office to borrow new novels or textbooks. It is funny when we are busy choosing books, checking their quotas and handing them to the librarians. It is funny, furthermore, when we chose articles – we had to compete, chose the articles as quickly as possible and tell the pj.

Extensive reading has been taking over my life – my weekend has been dedicated to read and do other assignments. I rarely watch tv or hang out with my friends, I bet they are busy with their assignments too. Novels or books have been being my friend this past month – I carry them wherever I go, I sleep with them, and I always have them near me. They are also the first thing I remember when I wake up and the last thing when I go to bed. I have been officially dating with the books!

Extensive from the positive perspective

I always believe that positivity is important and I have been working my whole life to be a positive person and live positively. I perceive the extensive reading as a positive thing too. Let me tell you some positive effects of ext. Reading:

1. Read, no matter how lazy you are

Reading is a burdensome activity for some people. Students in Indonesia still need to be forced to read. They do not fond of reading and that is a problem. Extensive reading makes students read, for me and my fellow EEDers, ext. Reading makes us read as quick as possible. The deadline makes us work harder to finish our reading. We start to get used to the English materials and no longer take them as a burden.

2. Do the impossibility

To finish two novels in a week seems impossible at first, but with the power of ext. Reading, we manage to finish them although we have to pay some fines because of the late return. It amazes me to find that I manage to finish two novels plus their reviews within a week – something I consider difficult and impossible at first. And I have to tell you that it is rather awesome to do the impossible things or to make the impossibility possible.

3. We think critically

I have always believed that reading is important and has many advantages. For foreign language learners, reading is one way to improve their skill. I am glad we have extensive reading because we can improve our reading skill and we train ourselves to think critically. I find myself is more critical – able to see something unstated, to conclude and to analyze. My reading lecturer is right – ext. Reading will make you think critically. And yes, critical thinking is crucial.

4. Find the hidden treasures

As a bookworm, I am extremely happy to read the novels from the EED office specifically from EED corner. I didn’t know that the collection was great until ext. reading. I found some interesting novels, loved them and didn’t want to return them. Most of the novels I borrowed were romance and the stories were indeed romantic. I have read five novels and I am reading my sixth novel now.

So, those are the advantages of ext. reading according to my own experience. Extensive reading is so far so good, I try to enjoy it and try not to complain. I know this is for my own sake.


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