Appreciations of the week.

Appreciations of the week.

Wohooo! Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds. I was extremely happy to write about this. This week was wonderful. I got two appreciations for my works from my lecturers.

First was my essay for writing class. I was supposed to come to MOT and Writing classes, but I woke up late plus the traffic was pretty bad that day, so I could not come and regrettably I had to skip the classes. I arrived on campus around 10.30 a.m. and went to the library to continue my draft. When I was writing my draft, Sasya texted me and we had a conversation. Surprisingly she said that my essay was one of the best essays in our class. I smiled broadly. I did expect so, but not being the number one. My essay was the best from the best. I was full of joy. It was really good when some of my friends congratulated me for the essay. My work was appreciated really well by my Writing lecturer.

The second appreciation was for my Translation test. I got the result today and I got a pretty good score. I remember that I said a prayer to Allah right before I got the result, when I walked towards my lecturer’s desk, “Please God, make it good” and when I approached the desk and faced my lecturer, he smiled at me and gave me a thumb-up while handing the result to me. His face expression was sincere and kind, he looked pleased with my result. I was totally happy knowing that the expression and the thumb-up indicated a good result or pride from him. I smiled to him and said thank you sincerely. The result was pretty good. I thanked Allah for granting my wish. It was truly satisfying to get a good score with your own effort, to know that it was your hard work and persistence. It was also great to be appreciated by my lecturer. I always love people who appreciate someone’s work and effort especially teachers or lecturers who appreciate their students’ works. Their appreciation shows that they care and they are proud of their students’ work. I promise myself to do the same – to appreciate my future students’ effort and encourage them to achieve more.

The appreciations mean a lot for me. It is good to know that someone especially people you admire like my lecturers appreciate your works. I always believe that positive words and encouragement can influence someone’s life and drive them to excel more.

Once again, I am forever thankful for the appreciations and praise be to Allah for He is the one who makes them possible.


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