A new phone.

A new phone.

My handphone stopped working two days ago, it was unfortunate since I loved the phone and it has not yet a year. The software or the system in the phone was damaged and needed a reparation. When I told my mother about this, she responded with “buy a new one then” flatly. We both knew that it would cost so much money. I personally did not want to have a new one, my old phone was perfect although it was not so expensive. I was sad to know it stopped working again, for the third times! I needed a new phone although I did not want to.

I bought my new phone with my mother last Friday. I had asked my friends before about handphones, the latest brands, stuff like that. Many of them suggested Sony, and I was interested in Sony too. I think the designs are great. I and my mother went in and out some shops and tried some phones. I kept looking for and asking some questions related to the phones to the shopkeepers. There were many types and options, but I was attracted to one type from Sony called Sony Xperia SP. I fell in love with the design, the white color was so cool, it was slim and light. I fell in love at the first sight, and I bought the phone. The price was 3.500.000, it was expensive but hopefully it was worth the price. I was so happy and could not wait to check the phone out.

After buying the new phone, I and my mother went to a service center where my old phone would be repaired. After talking with the technician, I finally agreed to let my phone stayed there for a three-days-reparation. I went home with a relief knowing that my old phone would be repaired and to try the new one.

Having a smartphone is indeed crucial nowadays. I need the applications like WA and Line to keep in touch with my friends, I also need Google and other apps for the learning and entertaining sake. I believe that a smartphone makes my learning process easier like I can practice my writing here on my journal by using my smartphone. Technology does help and hopefully we can be wise enough to use it for the good cause.


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