A morning walk with Dhini at UI.

A morning walk with Dhini at UI.

It has been ages since the last time I ran or jogged. I miss running or walking in the morning and smell the fresh air. I along with Dhiput and Shasa had planned to have a morning walk in Sudirman on this Sunday. I was really excited. There was a car free day event which I had never participated.

Sunday morning, I woke up early and took a bath. As I was dressing up, I found out that Shasa and Dhiput had cancelled our plan to Sudirman. I was totally upset since I was almost ready, and they just told me in the last minutes. I decided to do the walk though, I started to walk in my neighborhood. It was around 6 a.m. and it was quiet. Just few people outside. I enjoyed the fresh air and the atmosphere so much.

When I was walking and listening to the radio, Dhiput kept texting me saying she was sorry and wanted to walk with me. When I was walking along the main road, there were two people in the cars asked me which direction to UI. I wondered why and I knew that it was Sunday and many people went to UI to run. Without second thought, I rode an angkot to UI. It was around 6.30 a.m. when I arrived at UI and as I predicted, it was crowded with people. They wore their sporty outfits and ran. I just found out that there was one spot where many people ran. It was like a mini version of the famous Bundaran HI. So, we ran around it. I managed to run or walk ten times around it. Wohooo!

As I was walking, Dhiput kept calling me asking where I was. After a long where are yous, I finally saw her and we ran together. It was fun to have her. She was a good companion who I always could rely on. We decided to leave the spot, and went around to see the faculties at UI. It was a long walk, we passed many faculties – Farmasi, Hukum, Psikologi, Fisip, FIB. My ultimate goal was to see the MIPA Faculty. Well, the reason was quite obvious.

We walked for hours, I got so much pain on my legs. I should have exercised more. I walked and chatted with Dhiput along the way. We stopped for a while at one bus station and had a drink. When we were chatting, Dhiput opened the snack she brought from home. I was surprised. She prepared it well. I took some of the snack and we chatted again. Another surprise was she also brought the tongsis and fish eye. We took some pictures then continued our walk.

We did not know before where MIPA was, we got lost and tired. UI was very huge. Luckily, Dhini remembered and led the way to Mipa. We needed to walk again and it seemed very far. We passed fakultas kedokteran and still a long way to go to Mipa. I almost gave up since I was very tired and hungry. Dhini kept motivating me saying we were almost there, just a few miles away. I kept walking then since I was already half there. I was so tired when we finally arrived at Mipa. Finally.

We took a stroll around the faculty and sat. I imagined something or someone here. I could not help but smiled. We ate the snack again, had a drink and very good conversation. Dhiput told me about her love life while I was busy taking selfies. We sat at  the terrace of Departemen Fisika and stayed there for an hour. Mipa was quiet. There were only few people went back and forth. Just me and Dhiput and our own thoughts.

Around 10.30, we left the mipa. I looked at it once again before leaving. And we walked again. I was completely tired while Dhini was still energetic. After 30 minutes walking, we finally out of UI complex and left home. I was tired and did not pay attention to Dhiput, we did not say good bye. Just went home respectively.

It was totally fun to have a morning walk at UI. It was also a new experience for me. I decided to make it a weekly activity – to run at UI every Sunday morning. It was just fun to walk or run with many people, they seemed happy too. Many of them ran with their families or spouses.

Having Dhiput was amazing. She was incredibly patient and loving. The walk could  not have been fun without her.


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