What I learn.

What I learn.

I stop seeking others’ approval of what I do and I want to do. This is my life.

I stop seeking others’ appreciation for what I have done. I stop seeking for the thank yous or sorrys. I do what I think is right to do.

I stop seeking others’ wise words when I am down, I am trying to be my own cheerleader.

I am my own hero.

I stop letting others’ problems ruin my life or affect my life.

I stop letting others’ negativity affect my positivity.

I stop letting others’ pessimism affect my optimism.

And I stop letting others’ opinions or attitudes affect my principles – things I think are right.

I stop expecting others to need me, to compliment me, to adore me. I am nothing, after all.

I stop expecting others to love me, to appreciate or respect me, to listen or to take examples from me.

What I learn is just do it. Just do what I think is right, just do it – without the need to impress others or to be praised and without the expectation of others to do the same for me.

What I learn is to humble myself, to work hard and have fun at the same time, to be serious and easy going, to be kind yet firm.

What I learn is to respect others, always. To appreciate others, to say thanks and sorrys. I do not care what their responses, I do what I believe is right.

What I learn is to walk my talk – to apply and do what I say or write. It is totally bad to keep talking about wise words, but keep doing the opposite. Let my actions be bigger than any of my wisdom talks.

What I learn is to live with my principles without the need to judge others or criticize. Allah is enough for us, to be The Judge.

What I learn is to enjoy what I have know, to love those who love me, to respect who respect me. As simple as that.

What I learn is I will be me, be myself, no matter how hard the situation is, or no matter how hard others push me to be different. My beliefs are greater.

What I learn is to do what needs to be done. Sometimes, we do not need any explanation or reasons, we do not need any motives or whys we need to do something. Sometimes, we need to do it simply because it is good for us. Period.

What I learn is to simplify life, to enjoy simple things, to thank Allah for granting me this amazing life. To have the simplicity and avoid the complicated things.

And to stop wishing to be others, to have their lives, to live like them. To enjoy my life and to work for my dreams.

I believe each of us has our own paths. And the paths can be different. My path might not be as smooth as I expect, but I believe it is worth taking and fighting for. And I will keep fighting.

And I learn to do things for the honorable reasons. Not merely for the worldly, golden and glitter stuff.

Just do.


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