Reading and Writing.

Reading and Writing.

I am doing the famous extensive reading now. This semester will be more interesting because of it. So, doing extensive reading means that I read novels, textbooks, and essays. The total is 28. Extensive reading is a burdensome activity for me at the beginning, but it turns out good and useful for me. I realize that extensive reading is crucial for me, for English Education Students.

My ultimate motivator is the extensive reading lecturer – Mrs. Nida Husna. She is a good reader herself, she loves reading, and she motivates her students to read a lot and think critically. She inspires me to be a good reader too, to be a smart woman like her. She also says that the only way to master one skill is to practice. So, if I want to be good at reading, then read, a lot. Extensive reading is one of the ways to practice it.

Reading itself has been my hobbies, I call myself a bookworm or in a cooler term, a bibliophile – someone who has a fondness of books. I have been collecting books and neatly put them on my own bookshelf. I am proud of my collection and keep expanding it. I also have been really interested in reading novels – either in Bahasa or English. I think reading novels is one of the most effective ways to learn English. I will write about it in a different writing. Novels and the authors who write them have been inspiring me – the way they put their feelings into words, the way they describe someone or the characters, the way they convey the message. I want to write my own novel too, someday.

Extensive reading is indeed useful because I can practice my critical thinking. I have been doing some reviews lately, and I realized that I have been using my critical thinking and my reasoning skill for the reviews. That is amazing for me because I made it! I made it despite the good or bad result, I do not care, I have done my best. I have been really enjoying the novels, I do not know that jurusan or English corner has some good novels to read. I am impressed. I promise myself to borrow it later on even when extensive reading has finished. Soon I will be reading textbooks and make the summaries. That would be challenging but I am totally ready! I am ready because this is for my own good, for my own sake.

As I told you earlier, I have been reading a lot – not only the novels or the extensive reading stuff but also other subjects. I must read Curnal, Morphology, TEFL and more. I find it funny because reading is my favorite activity now. I find myself reading and reading. This feels good though.

When I talk about reading, there is also one thing I consider important or has a correlation with it – writing. I always believe that reading and writing are two foundations of literacy. They complete each other, they like a couple. That is a principle I have been holding – to read then write and vice versa. That is why no matter how busy I am, I always write. I write no matter how short or random it be. I believe to be good at writing, someone has to read a lot and what we read must be applied in our writing. This is why I keep writing, I do not want to just read, but do not practice my writing. I believe if I read a lot then I write, I will be very good at both. Practice does make perfect.

I am a bit sad to give up on writing journal. This is basically because I keep neglecting it and keep saying, “tomorrow” or “I am tired, no need to write” and I forget the journal. What makes me sad is that writing journal is a good way to practice my writing daily and it is not a very demanding though. Still, I cannot do it consistently. I do not know if I can, but I will try to start writing journal again. Start all over again. I am thankful though that I have one way I am most comfortable to practice my writing – write on my blog. This is my favorite way to practice since it is very accessible – I can write anytime and anywhere, I have 24 hours internet access in my mobile. Also, I get no pain, I just need to type and that is fun. I do not need to write with my hand which gets my hand hurt after writing for hours. Writing on my blog is just so me – I can share everything and most of all, I can practice to write regularly.

Reading and writing, after all, have to be balance. I do not want to keep reading, and forget to write. I love those two, and I want to devote myself and my time to those two. I believe, I will be good at those two and this is the beginning.

Enjoy the process, do your very best and be passionate!


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