A sweet surprise from DIMMS.

A sweet surprise from DIMMS.

My beloved friends, DIMS, came to my house last Sunday. It was my birthday. I was at my house, all by myself and had not taken a bath yet. Then four of them said salam together and shouted my name. I ignored them for a while, I answered their salam at last. They came with the birthday cake and the gift. We were excited. I took a bath immediately and dressed up.

There was no candle, just the cake. My mother and father were there too, they were excited to eat the cake. After my mother prayed for me, I cut the cake and gave the first slice to the woman I owe everything to –  my mother. Then I gave the second slice to the hero of my family – my father. Then I gave slice per slice for my friends who seemed hungry. We ate the cake together, it was good. As we were eating, I paid attention to Miftah’s shocking yellow sock. It was match with my carpet. A very yellow pair of sock.

My mother treated us nasi padang. I took my friends to a warung nasi padang near my house. And we had a lunch shortly after arriving. After eating, Dini handed me the gift, I opened it and found a lovely pink bag inside. It was a very girly bag. The card was sweet – with our photo on it and the wish.

We were busy talking, I kept teasing Miftah with her new handphone. I did not realize that she was editing my childhood picture that my mother showed an hour ago. It was a very ugly picture of me. I was about ten years old back then. I changed a lot. Miftah and the others were annoying – I could not see my picture, Shasa and Miftah uploaded the picture on my instagram and made it visible to public. It was a total embarrassment. I did nothing, well, I was praying that God cursed them later on. Haha

Enough with the picture, Shasa asked me to help her with her English assignment. It took us 15 minutes to finish. It was around two p.m. when we took so many pictures together, this time, by using Miftah’s new handphone. We made lots of silly faces. It was fun.

They went home around 5 p.m., I walked them to the main road. It was a fine day, specially, on my birthday day. Dhiput who could not come today kept bothering us with her audios and messages on WA. Icha almost lost her temper because of that. The rest of us just laughed. Dhiput wanted to join us, to respect her, we cropped her picture and put it in one picture we took today. The result was hilarious.

My twentieth birthday was pretty awesome, thanks to my beloved DIMS who came and surprised me with the cake and gift.


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