A so-not-called surprise from Cabulers.

A so-not-called surprise from Cabulers.

My 20th birthday euphoria had not yet finished. I got the second surprise from my beloved cabulers last Tuesday. Inten and Sasya had told me before, I knew the plan, it was easy to predict.

I came late and skipped my Grammar class. I went to Sasya and Inten’s place around 9 a.m.. we went back to campus for Tefl class.    We found out that Ms. Evi could not come. We stayed at the class for a while. I realized Inten was not in the class. Haha

I was at the lobby and found my friends were preparing a birthday cake. It was big and had a picture of McQueen from Cars on it. Inten was surprised to see me, the surprise was no longer surprising. Mbake had found out too. Everybody knew. It was funny that the birthday girls, me and Mbake, knew the cake, and brought it along the way to the campus park. The candles were lit, the camera was ready, I and Mbake blew the candles while Sasya took a picture. The next  was cutting the cake. Mbake did it herself, I watched her and paid attention to the cake. Each of us took one slice and ate together. Umi ate it happily, Iki finished her first slice quickly, dila complimented the cake. We loved it. We also gave a slice to one girl who helped us taking some pictures.

We had some slices left for our classmates. It was around 12 a.m. when we moved to one class to….. take more pictures. I brought the cake. It was funny when we passed a group of boys and one of them said happy birthday. We just laughed. We ended up in 4.11, it was empty. Sasya got her camera ready, we did some poses, chose the best position and clicked! We took a lot of pictures – from the silly poses to the formal ones.

We were waiting for the next class when Melly and Bela greeted us. They saw the birthday cake and one of cabulers happily said that it was Mila and Mbake’s birthday cake. Melly and Bela wished me a happy birthday. We gave them one slice and took a few pictures together.

We finally relaxed for a while, the class was empty, just Dila, Inten and me. Then one mas mas came to our class, he saw the birthday cake and soon did a promotion. He and one mba mba were from a pizza restaurant and invited us to come. After being explained about the bonus and the restaurant itself, Inten bought the voucher for our upcoming big dine that will be paid by me and Mbake. So, we will be having pizza! They will have a big treat. Haha

It was a fine day for all of us. The failed surprise was sweet, the cake was delicious, and the people were incredibly great. Thanks.


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