She is so passionate about what she is doing, she lives her life happily. She laughs out lout during the day, she thanks God for every single thing. She is a happy woman.

Then night comes, makes her feel lonely as hell. She listens to some mellow songs, drive her crazy with her own feeling. She hates the night when she is missing someone who does not even hers.

She hates when her morning laughter turns into tears at night. When her cheerful side turns into a miserable feeling. When the only  one who cheers her up is herself.

She hates the night when she is sad for no clear reason. She cannot identify her own feeling, she writes it at the end.

She is tired, everybody is tired. She is tired of thinking, she chooses to sleep –  as her sanctuary.

She is, after all, a powerful woman. The one who bursts into tears at night, but happily laughing in the morning. The one who says she is tired, but when morning comes, she will work her butt off. Yes, she is powerful.

drive her


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