Balancing between studying and playing.

Balancing between studying and playing.

Semester 5 is certainly tough for me – the extensive reading and other subjects are very demanding. It seems I will no have time to play.

Playing, nevertheless, is essential for people regardless how old they are. I believe playing or simply relaxing is good for our mood and health. It boosts our spirit and lessen the stress we get from assignments.

The question is, how to do both of them? How to balance the two? I am still trying to figure out the answers.

I, despite the fondness of studying, feel bored and tired too. College life takes most of my time. Sometimes, I just wish I had a chance to travel. I start to think about traveling – to learn from the nature, the people I have never met, the experience along the way. I start to think about many great places out there that I have not visited, I start to think that studying is not the only way to grow, to know something or to experience life.

Studying and playing are the two activities I should prioritize, to balance my life and to do my creativity which I cannot do in my academic life. Oh yeah, let us do that!


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