My day was started with Curriculum Analysis with Miss Maya. We discussed about K13 and KTSP. After the Curnal class, I attended the Translation class with Mr. Sunardi. It was a bit surprising because we had another diagnostic test. It was the second time, this time was much easier. The class ended at 11 a.m.

It was very hot when we were outside. The four of us – I, Mbake, Umi, and Iki went to one restaurant to have lunch. We were extremely hungry. After having lunch, we headed back to UIN and relaxed at a park near the main gate. It was pretty hard to find more shady parks at UIN. At the park, we took some selfies and simply enjoyed the ambiance – the wind blowing, the shady tree, and the laughter we shared. Sitting at the park like that made me realize the importance to have more parks, especially on campuses. I do hope that there will be more trees and shady places at UIN.

The best part as well as the worst part was we did not want to move from the park. Even so, we moved anyway. We performed Zuhur prayer and headed to Tarbiya Library to find some references. It was unfortunate for me since I got nothing relevant with my topic. Finished exploring the Tarbiya Library, we headed to UIN’s main library to find more references. We went separately and explored each shelf, it was funny to see how frustrated we were. We stayed there until 4 p.m .

Today was such a tiring day. More tiring days are waiting for me. Gotta be ready for them!


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