Saturday, a teaching day.

Saturday, a teaching day.

Saturday is a teaching day for me – I came to UI this Saturday and met Fauziah there. She was waiting for me at Imac room with her laptop on. She is one of my students, she is older than me but we become good friends since the day we met. We talked a bit and not long after that, Fafa, another student of mine, came and joined us.

The place was good but we decided to move on the fourth floor. The new place was much better. Fafa and Fauziah were busy writing their paragraphs, I just sat and played with my phone. Well, the perk of being a tutor. After they finished their writing, they corrected each other’s works and gave them back to me at the end. I checked their works excitedly, it was fun because I acted like I was a real teacher haha. Then, the three of us discussed the works together and had a very fun and informative discussion. It made me realize how basic their English was, and it was my job, if they wanted it too, to help them. I also realized that I did like teaching – it gave me happiness, it cherished my soul, gave me the satisfaction for my soul. To be a teacher is certainly one of my dreams, and I have started it by teaching Fafa and Fauziah. Faba gave me the experience to teach, luckily.

After the clubbing done, I and Fauziah ate one food court near UI grand mosque. She recommended a bowl of bakso malang and tempe mendoan. The foods extremely good. We had a good chat – I told them about my department and asked hers, she also told me about her experience in interviewing The Facult of Tarbiya’s dean, Mrs. Nurlena. After eating, we performed Asr prayer and she rode me to the Pondok Cina Station. We said good bye and went home respectively.

Saturday, since August 1st, has been a teaching day for me. It is like a weekend activity that I really enjoy to do.


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