My best friends know that I love writing, they can see it, and I am proud to tell them about it.

My best friends tell me that I am good at writing. I cannot tell whether they are right or wrong.

Writing has been my favorite subject, besides speaking. My writing lecturer, Ms. Yenny has been being my motivator in writing. She was the one who taught me how to write in English correctly back when I was at third semester. I was and still am passionate about writing until this very moment.
Writing is not something I do for getting As or high scores, is not something I do to impress people either.

Writing for me is like a home. A home where I can go back over and over again, a home where I can share whatever I want. Writing is something I need, it is not merely a subject, it is a passion I live for.

Writing helps me to express my ideas, feelings, and everything I have. I am a writer for myself – I write to make myself feel better, to cheer me up, and to inspire. Writing is one activity I always do, I need to do that and I do that for pleasure.

Writing is one way I choose to express my feelings – my personal feelings. I feel more comfortable to write about my feelings, to share them in written form, to write on the blank pages. I choose to write than to tell people around me what I feel. It is simply because no one really understands me but myself. It is also because I do not have anyone to tell everything – no sisters or brothers. I cannot tell my parents or my friends, they are pretty busy with their own business.
Writing, therefore, becomes my favorite way to share everything I have in mind.

Many of my friends think that I am good at writing because I get A for the subject. I think the A is just a score. I love writing the way I love myself, the way I love my friends. I will write no matter how busy I am and that is not because I am smart or good at it, that is, once again, because I love writing. It is truly satisfying to do what you love – you are no longer thinking about the high scores or the difficulty you face. You just love that and keep doing that. And that is what I have been doing, I write and I love it.


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