A love letter.

A love letter.

Oh Hi Dir.

Are you there? Are you reading this? Well, you cannot be. I will continue though.

It has been more than 10 years since the day I tore your letter. You know I am truly sorry for that. I was so stupid back then. I am sorry Dir.
It has been more than 10 years since the last time I saw your small eyes, your messy hair and your cute smile. You were a little boy back then, I bet you are very cool now. Are you a college student too?
I wonder what major are you studying if you a college student. You must be very good at studying. I know that.
Do you want to know about me? Are you interested? Okay.
I am fine Dir, I am always fine. I go to one state university and I am studying English now. I am going to be a teacher. Are you surprised?
I have lots of friends. They make me laugh almost everyday – you used to make me laughed too, 10 years ago.
I tell them about you. They think you are cute. I know they are right.
I am pretty busy Dir. I have many assignments. College really makes me stress.

Are you still reading?

You know Dir? I love to write now, and I write about you a lot. Thanks for inspiring me.
I am happy to write you this. I just, miss you so much. I know this is insane. I do not even know you now.
You know Dir? People say that your first love is hard to forget. Well, they are right. I cannot forget you and I wont forget you.

Are you laughing? Don’t you believe me? Okay, I am embarrassed now.

You know I am truly grateful to know you. I am truly blessed to have you as my friend. Our togetherness was really good. I hope you know that.
I am sorry that I do not know you. I am sorry that I do not even know your birthday. I am sorry that all I can do to you is to ignore and tear your letter. I am forever sorry for that.

Is it your smile? Are you smiling now? That is cute Dir. Can I take a picture of you smiling?

I know that you will forgive me. You are a good person. I thank you for that.

Are you still smiling? What do you want to know? Other boys I love? No Dir, please.

Okay. I loved some boys, but I always go back to you like a crazy person. I go back to the name I knew since I was a little girl. Go back to you.

Don’t you believe me?

Believe me it has been you. You know you are the one. Other boys do not like me. I am single or maybe waiting for you to come? I do not know.

Do you think I am beautiful? Do you think I am? Aww.

I do not know what the letter was about, I do not know what you saw in me back then. I know that maybe you had a crush on me, you were nervous at that time. I love it 🙂
You know I am not beautiful Dir. I am ordinary. Nothing special. I am sorry I cannot make you proud. You can find another girl then :p

Do you think I am crazy? How dare you? Okay, I will pinch your cheeks. Do not laugh! Your eyes are getting smaller because of that. Ha!

I know it is crazy. I should find another boy. I know. Pray for me then. I know it is crazy – that I still remember you, think of you, imagine that you were here, be my friend.
I know it is crazy to think that you will come back.
I know it is crazy to like you until this very day. To have the feeling I had years ago. To love the person I met years ago.

You know I am serious. Stop laughing!

You know that you are still my favorite person to write about, my prince charming in the movies, my favorite character in the novels and my favorite lyric in the love songs.

Are you tired? Okay I will stop.

I hope you are fine. I hope you have a happy life with your family. I hope you will find a woman who loves you and reads your letter, not tears it into pieces. I hope you are fine.

I know that I should work hard. I know that I have many dreams to pursue. I know you will be disappointed if I give up. I promise I wont.

I wish that I knew you more, to know your birthday, your passions, things you like. I wish I knew you more and not only your name.

I am sad to realize it now, to realize that I lost you. I am sad to learn that love is not about how much time do you spend with your loved ones, it is about how he/she makes you feel and how you remember them. I knew you in the past, in a very short time, nothing much between us. But the very short time we had will be the best one.

Thanks for writing the letter. You know I love you because of it. I hope you like my reply.


Your number one fan.


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