A new novel, laptop, semester, and couple.

A new novel, laptop, semester, and couple.

It has been a while since the last time I wrote, so here I am, want to share things that happened recently. Let us get started.

1. I bought a new novel called Eleanor and Park at Books and Beyond UI. I knew that the novel was good and wanted to read it badly. I am so happy that I can have it and I am reading it now. The novel is quite good so far.

2. I got a new laptop. My laptop is in a very awful condition – it takes about 20 minutes to start and the battery needs to be charged frequently which bothers me so much. I asked my mother to buy me a new laptop for the next semester, and she said yes. We went to the Gramedia near my house and finally bought an Asus laptop. It is white, thin, and well-designed. I just love it. Two days later, my father bought a notebook too with the same brand (Asus). He learns how to operate it now.

3. My sister, Uji, has engaged with her friend, Farid. I and my mother were invited to the engagement party, and we were happy to see how happy she was. It came so soon, I cannot believe that she is going to be married. The event went well, and our family was happy for her. The event makes me think of myself – one day I will be married too, one day I will have the same event like hers. I just love the idea of marriage, and I do hope that one day I will be married to a good man. Aamiin

4. After having a long holiday, I finally come back to the campus life. Fifth semester is a tough one for me and my friends. The subjects are more difficult, and we must work really hard for them. In spite of the tough semester, I still have a blast with my beloved friends. I missed them during the holiday. I was happy to see them on Tuesday. I met Sasya and Inten first in Grammar class. I met the rest of the cabulers in TEFL, and we had a blast in Public Speaking class. We laughed, cracked jokes, things we always did. It was fun to reunited with them. This semester, after a tough discussion with my friends, I was chosen to be a PJ for Extensive Reading together with Mbake and Epin. What a job! I wanted to refuse, but I finally agreed and accepted the position. I do not know what my job will be, but I do know that the Extensive Reading itself is a very tough subject. I pray to Allah to make it easy for us. Aamiin

So, that was my writing for now. I will write more later on.


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