Sleepover at Icha’s house.

Sleepover at Icha’s house.

Saturday, as usual, I came to UI to teach English. Four of my students did not come, so I just taught three people. It was like a private. It was fun to teach and study together with them. We did not know each other at first, but soon we became close and friends. I found out when I was about to teach that my fellow friends from DIMMS came to UI too. They had classes as well. We met at UI’s library and to my surprise, Icha and Shasa invited me to sleepover at Icha’s house. Her parents were out of town, so that would be great to sleepover and have a fun Saturday night. I was hesitate at first, but finally agreed to come. Icha and Shasa followed me to my house and together we asked for a permission from my parents and soon we set off by train.

We arrived in Citayem around 6 p.m. and we stopped at one store to buy some foods. We then walked quite far, laughing and talking along the way. When we finally arrived, we relaxed ourselves by watching TV. Shasa did not join us to sleepover because she must attend an event at her house. The sleepover thing was absolutely good. We had noodle for dinner, we ate snacks, we talked about many things – our birthdays, future, education, and marriage. There was full of laughter and jokes. We slept after midnight and woke up early in the morning because of the alarm. After waking up, we had a breakfast brought by Shasa who stopped by around 6 a.m.

After having breakfast, we watched a movie called Oculus. It is a horror movie. We watched it together and the movie was not so good. It was, I think, ordinary. I played with my phone until got asleep. My friends were awake and had a chat. I woke up around 12 a.m. and soon we had a lunch together. They cooked the meals while I just looked at them at the kitchen. Memang did a bit experiment with the meals, but luckily it tasted pretty good. They watched TV after that while I was writing this. Perhaps we will go to home in the afternoon.

This was certainly good. I learned to accept the challenge and the invitation without so much thinking since this was a great experience for me and for all of us.


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