Dila’s birthday surprise.

Dila’s birthday surprise.

Dila had her 20th birthday on July but we could not celebrate it due to our holiday. I had an idea to celebrate it, though. I invited Mbake to come and soon we made a plan with the cabulers. So, last Monday we made it and it was such a good time.

Mbake was already there, at Fatulloh, with the cake and candles ready. I met her and soon we talked like the old times. We were waiting for Iki and Akira when we knew that Umi could not join us because of her unwell condition. It was a shame that Yeti, the tallest and the most passionate foodie among us could not come. Around 1.30 p.m. Iki and Akira came and after 30 minutes waiting for Inten who happened to go to the kosan by herself, we went to the kosan and met Inten there and prepared the cake. It was funny when Mbake and Inten tried to light the candles, 20 candles all at once. The candles were a bit dangerous, we were all very careful to light them. After lighting the candles, we made ourselves ready and sang a happy birthday song together. Dila was inside with Sasya, they were having a chat when we came and gave the surprise. We all succeeded. Dila was happily shocked and speechless. She clearly did not expect the surprise.

Dila blew the candles, well, with a help from us since the candles were difficult to extinguish. Sasya was a video recorder like usual and soon after blowing the candles, Inten ate the cake first with a spoon. We all laughed. Mbake took the initiative to cut the cake into some pieces and we all ate it together. It was a cheese brownies cake and it was good. If Umi was there, she would enjoy the cake very much. The next thing we did was, of course, to take photos and this time, by using a tongsis and fish eye. Sasya hold the tongsis, we were ready and cheers! We stroke many poses and got tired because of it. We stopped, sat for a while and shared jokes. Inten was our clown and we made fun of her. Sasya showed us the newest video of her and it was totally absurd yet funny. It has been a while since the last time we did such a thing.

Dila, the birthday girl, invited us to eat out and we accepted it happily. We set off to one restaurant in Pesanggrahan after performing Asr prayer. The food, the people and the moment we shared were incredibly good. Long holiday really made me miss those crazy fellows so much. After eating, we went home respectively. Sasya and Inten kissed me on the cheeks before saying goodbye. And our day ended with a happy feeling for all of us. It was, indeed, such a fine day. I went home with Iki and talked about many things on the way. Our long holiday is almost finished, it is like two weeks left until we get back to the campus life and fight with those tough subjects. I personally cannot wait to see my friends and spend my time with them, but I am not ready for the upcoming semester. I still need a holiday.

Well, happy birthday Dila.


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