A day out with Mother.

A day out with Mother.

I and my mother had planned to go to Pondok Labu to shop at AB and eat mie ayam. We finally made it on Friday and it was quite awesome.

We set off at 11.30 a.m. and arrived at AB, it was a convenience store in Pondok Labu, around 11 a.m. We did a window shopping. My mother bought a headdresser and a mirror. Tired of shopping, we went to one food stall which sold mie ayam. We had tasted it before and wanted to taste it again. It was yummy and spicy. We were full and soon went to one store and bought some stuff. I took my mother to AW, one American restaurant and we had ice creams and french fries there. It was good.

After having so much fun in Pondok Labu, we went home. When we were waiti ng for the car, my mother got an idea to come to Pasar Minggu. We went there and arrived after 30 minutes driving. I accompanied my mother to buy her stuff like sandals. I was tired and we went home around 4 p.m.

It was such a lovely day. It was good to hang out with my mother since I spent most of my time with friends. It was good and I need to do it more often.


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