A crazy friend.

A crazy friend.

It was a fine afternoon and I was listening to radio when Dhini, my senior high school friend, phoned me. She said that she would come to my house and I could not say no. Dhini has been being my friend for about three years. She is funny and crazy. She loves to bother me and gets me upset, but still, I am happy to have her as my friend.

After hanging up the phone, I waited for her. A few minutes later, she phoned me again telling that she forgot my house and she was afraid because there were some boys on the street. I told her to be calm and I described my house. “She must be remember it,” I talked to myself. She asked me to pick her up, but I was very lazy. Fortunately, she made it and arrived at my house safe and sound. It was a joy to see her after a long time. She did not change a bit, well, a bit more fashionable. She greeted my mother and soon we had a fun chat. We talked about campus stuff, friends, boys and many more. We bothered each other and cracked jokes. We both laughed so hard like the old times.

Around 4 p.m., we moved from my living room to my room. We took some photos together and checked up some photos on Instagram. It was cloudy outside and I was really hungry since I was fasting. I was not really enthusiast to talk to her, I was tired and wanted to sleep. I know that she was very energetic that day and wanted to have more fun, but truly sorry that I ignored her. When she was lying on my bed, I jokingly told her to go home. We both laughed, but she did go home a few minutes later. She left her snack which she ate during our chatting in my room. I followed her to the door, still laughing, she said goodbye to my mother and me. She walked slowly out of my house and still looking at me when I waved at her. I said, “Do not come again!” while laughing, she responded with such a mix of joy and annoyance on her face. It was funny.

Having her as friend is indeed a joy. She is such a good friend, a funny one and my partner in hunting books. Although she can be very annoying sometimes, I always enjoy to have her as a companion. Our friendship is unique because we tend to bother each other but deep inside our hearts, we know that we actually care each other.


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