Tutoring and eating pizza.

Tutoring and eating pizza.

After waiting anxiously for a week, I finally started teaching today. Today’s plan was to teach a group of Aclish and met other two tutors who did not come last week. They were very nice and we became friends instantly. I came 15 minutes late and we gathered on the fourth floor of UI’s library. They were 14 people and they were all nice. It was a bit awkward for me to start the lesson, but I did it anyway since I was the only tutor who had prepared. I started to explain about the rules and the system for our clubbing. The condition was not really conducive since they were many people around us. Luckily, I managed to finish the explanation and before continuing the next material, I and the other two tutors decided to move and sat on the floor to have a more conducive place.
After moving,sitting comfortably on the floor and making a big circle, I continued the explanation about predicates in English. It run smoothly, luckily, and the students were well-participated. After explaining the material, the tutors had the students to make six sentences of verbal and nominal predicates then we checked their works. We divided them into three small groups. One group consisted of four members. I had four female members and they were all very nice. It was good to teach them and share what I knew. The clubbing was over around 3.30 p.m. and I had a meeting again with the tutors. It was fun to have new friends and we could work together. The first clubbing went really well today. I had a blast with my fellow tutors and Aclish students. It was not as bad as I thought. Positive thinking and believe in myself were indeed the keys. I made it today. Alhamdulillah. On my way home with the tutors, I got a text from Shasa inviting me to eat pizza together along with Icha and Miftah. I agreed to come since I was very hungry. The tutors, well, Fica and Hilda took different ways from me. We said goodbye and went home respectively.

I walked quite far to reach Margo and met Shasa, Icha and Miftah there. We went to Pizza Hut right away. It was Miftah’s idea to eat pizza today. Soon when our food came, we ate it happily. It was always good to hang out with them. It was like I re-charged my battery. We talked about many things and did a little flashback to our senior high school moments. We laughed so hard until our stomachs got hurt. It was such a nice evening – good food, good friends, good chat. Before going home, we talked about a movie and wanted to watch it together on Thursday. That would be awesome!.

Today was another awesome day that brought so much happiness for me. I do hope that I can be a good tutor for my group and have fun with Aclish.


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