Mother and Inten’s first encounter.

Mother and Inten’s first encounter.

I went to UIN last Tuesday to pay my tuition fee. I had arranged a meeting with Inten and decided to pay the tuition fee together. I had told her that I would take my mother along with me because we would visit my mother’s friend after that.
I came late and Inten was already there, on campus. She greeted me and my mother cheerfully and they both laughed and exchanged some greetings. Then I and Inten went straight to the bank and soon we lined up. It took almost 30 minutes. I talked about many things with her while lining and it was fun to talk about those random and silly things again after a while. We then moved to the faculty to do a validation. It was unfortunate when we found the “recess time” sign on the administration room’s door. It meant that we should wait until one p.m. or even more. Frustrated, we went down and waited at the lobby. My mother was there and soon we had a nice chat together. Inten and my mother talked about many things, one of them was about Shaomi – Inten’s little sister. It was funny since my mother really knew her well and Inten was excited to talk about her more. Such an interesting topic.

After one hour waiting, I decided to go back to do the validation while Inten was at the bank doing some payment. To my surprise, it was still locked. I could not wait any longer since I had another plan with my mother. I told Inten that I had to go and luckily I could have her to do my validation. Before setting off, my mother invited Inten to have a lunch together with us. Inten, of course, accepted the invitation and ate eagerly. To her surprise, the food was paid by my mother and soon after finishing the food (we had bakso), we went home respectively. The first encounter between my mother and Inten was good enough.
I went to Omah’s house after having lunch that day. Omah is my mother’s best friend. I was lazy at first but my mother kept begging me to come until I said yes. I had visited her house before and once we arrived, Omah and my mother had a great chat and I just listened to them. Well, best friends were like that. We had a good time at Omah’s until it was around 5 p.m. We then went home and stopped at one food stall to have mie ayam. I told my mother that the mie ayam was good, so we tried it and it was good. We went home after that with full stomachs.


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