Being a tutor.

Being a tutor.

After a long consideration, I finally joined a language community called Fakta Bahasa. I chose Fakta Bahasa Depok because it was close to my house. I chose two clubs: Academic English and Korean. I remember when I filled in the form, I was hesitate whether to be a tutor or not. I did want to join one of the English clubs and I thought that I wanted to focus on English writing. I convinced myself that I was capable of becoming a tutor, I am an English student and I think by joining and being a tutor at Faba, I can get a new experience in teaching and today was my first meeting with other members.

Around 1 p.m. we gathered at Taman Lingkar UI and soon I met Ka Bintang and we had a chat. He explained about the system of Aclish, the lessons and everything. I was excited until I found out that I was the only tutor who came. I was kind of nervous because I wished that all new tutors could come and we could share everything together. The new members came and Ka Bintang gave some explanations to them. I was fortunate to meet some girls around my age who were very kind and had a good connection with me. I was positive that we could be good friends. I was a bit shy, on the other hand, when Ka Bintang introduced me as the tutor and when I had to introduce myself in front of the new members. I do hope that I can teach them well because I know that after Ka Bintang introduced me, they looked at me and remembered me as their tutor which meant someone who would teach them and someone who could be ask to.

The first clubbing which led by Ka Bintang mostly about the introduction and the next clubbing would be about. I do hope that the other three tutors can come in the next clubbing and we can divide the members into several small groups. I cannot teach them all, they are around 10 people and I will be overwhelmed. Well, four to five people will be great for me.

I know that this will be my first experience in teaching and I hope I can do it well. I realize that Faba will be a great place to share what I know and to practice the teaching skill. The first experience will be the hardest one but if I never start, I will never know my ability and I will never be good at teaching. My decision to be a tutor is basically because I want to be accustomed to teaching. I know that many of my seniors have been teaching and they are good at it. I also know that I am going to be a teacher, therefore I must be able to teach and we all know that teaching is not easy. By being the tutor at Faba, I can train myself to be a good tutor and teacher later on. I am excited for that and also for getting up to the next semester. The fifth semester will be tough for me – I am going to be the tutor at Faba, a facilitator at EED and I have to extremely focus on my extensive reading. I am thankful that I did not take the opportunity to become a librarian at EED although I wanted it so badly since I love reading and I can take care of books very well. I did not take the opportunity simply because I knew that I would be a facilitator and I would very focus on it. I am afraid if I become a librarian as well, I cannot focus on my practicum which is more important. This is also more complex because of the clubbing at Faba. I have to manage my time carefully and do my best at both clubbing and practicum.

I am excited although this will be a little challenging. I will be very committed to this because this experience (becoming a tutor) at Faba will be my strength to apply for the scholarship later. Aaaaa I cannot wait to go to the UK for my magister degree! May Allah be with me all the time. Aamiin


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