Reunited with Ami.

Reunited with Ami.

I had planned this before and finally today I could make it. I finally visited Ami’s house this afternoon with my mother. Ami is one of my closest friends. I met her in senior high school and been friends ever since. I wanted to come alone at first until my mother decided to come with me. We set off around 3 p.m. and warmly welcomed by Ami’s mother. The house was still the same like the last time I came. It was a long time ago. It was fortunate that I could make it.
Soon after sitting in te living room, we had a good talk. My mother talked comfortably with Ami’s while I and Ami had our own talk. It was good to have afriend who knows English like me. We talked mostly about each other’s college life and English. We also talked about our senior high school moments. It was fun to pay a visit since I have not able to do that for ages. The time flew so fast that Nala, Ami’s little sister had grown up and so beautiful now. I and my mother had so much fun, we even forgot that it was almost evening and finally went home.

Silaturahmi or coming to our friends/relatives/colleagues’ houses is absolutely good. It feels good to reunited with your friends and see their family. I certainly enjoyed my visit today as much as Ami did. We are friends and will be like that forever. I still have a good connection with her although we have separated for years since we go to different universities. It is fortunate that we study the same subject, English – something that is special and interesting for both of us.
Today’s visit was fun and I could not wait to pay other visits to my friends during this long holiday.


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